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Software for Technics Keyboards: KN7000 & KN2600





KN-SDExplorer frequently asked questions

F.A.Q. Pages:

These pages are in response to customer's questions. They explain further how to use the KN-SD-Explorer software to work with Technics Songs, Styles and Files.

Changing the SD Drive Letter

KN-SDExplorer: How to change the SD Drive Letter

Restoring is Slow

KN-SDExplorer: Restoring an SD Card takes longer than I expected.

Missing Files Message

KN-SDExplorer: If you get a message to say that files are missing.

NoGo Sign (Stop Sign)

KN-SDExplorer: If you get a NoGo (Stop) symbol when you try to add files to the SD Card.

Can't Access SD Card

KN-SDExplorer: If you can't access your SD Card after formatting it.

Comparing the MERGE Feature

KN-SDExplorer: Comparing MERGE in Technics Songmanager and KN-SDExplorer.

Slideshow Files

KN-SDExplorer: Using Slideshow files in the program.