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Software for Technics Keyboards: KN7000 & KN2600




Can't Access SD Card

KN-SDExplorer: If you can't access your SD Card after formatting it.

After I format the SD-Card I cannot access it via KN-SDExplorer anymore. How can I fix this?

Our tool has so similar behaviour with Windows Explorer that this may be "confusing". Windows formatting is different with formatting in the KN7000 keyboard via SD Tools menu or the "Initialize KN7000 SD Card" function of our tool. The KN2600 and KN7000 both require a directory structure:

:\PRIVATE\TECHNICS\KN7000\.... plus an INF-file in the KN7000 directory.

There are two ways to make your SD-Card suitable to save songs and folders:
1. Format the SD Card in the keyboard.
2. Initialize the SD-Card on the PC via the Card reader and our tool.

ad. 2 From Windows select Start... KN7000 SDExplorer... Initialize KN7000 SD Card

During Initialization any song directory structure will be deleted (like with formatting via the keyboard) and a new "empty" directory structure is created. If the SD Card was not new, but e.g. contained other files like family pictures, MIDI files, mp3, etc., then Initializing the SD Card leaves these files and directories alone!