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Software for Technics Keyboards: KN7000 & KN2600




Comparing the MERGE Feature

KN-SDExplorer: Comparing MERGE in Technics Songmanager and KN-SDExplorer.

How does Merge work in SDExplorer in comparison with the Songmanager's merge?

In Songmanager it is possible to merge two sdb- backup files into a new sdb file, which is the sum of it:

'sdb1 + sdb2 = sdb-sum'. This only works when there is enogh space in the defined location of the result sdb.

When KN-SDExplorer is open with a songtree visible, then menu File... Merge... let's you select an sdb file to be merged, i.e. restored and added to oyr songtree, also of course on condition that there is enough room for it.

So our Merge is: 'Song tree1 + sdb2 = Song tree sum'