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Software for Technics Keyboards: KN7000 & KN2600





KN-SDExplorer saves you time, keeps Songs organised and helps to reduce problems or mistakes when you manage your music files.

Move or copy your Songs easily

Technics Songs can be moved from one Folder to another using drag and drop technique, the CTRL-C/CTRL-V shortcuts or the Copy, Move and Paste functions from the menu, just as you would move and copy files in Windows.

Move and Copy is enabled in the FREE demo version of the software and it enables you to move Technics Songs. When you move or copy the Song, the software automatically moves or copies all of the associated Technics files to the correct place.

Multiple Songs can be selected and moved or copied. This feature is enabled in the registered version of the software and will save you a lot of time when you are organising your Technics Songs.

Quickly name Songs and Folders

This is as simple as renaming a single file or directory. When you rename a Song in KN-SD-Explorer, the software automatically renames all of the Technics files which belong to the Song, so you don't need to rename lots of files. You don't need to understand how the files are named, or which files to rename,

Backup and Restore SD in seconds

This is the same Backup/Restore functionality as in the Technics Song Manager software that came with your keyboard. However, you don't need that tool because all functionality is integrated in our software.

Suppose you have some folders and songs on your SD Card and you want to add certain folders/songs from an sdb file to your SD Card:

  1. You can quickly 'restore' the sdb-file onto your hard disk. Then, open a KN-SD-Explorer window for it (Right Mouse Click  on the PRIVATE, TECHNICS or KN7000 directory).
  2. Do the same for your SD card.
  3. Now you have two KN-SD-Explorer windows; the title bar shows which song tree each KN-SD-Explorer holds.
  4. Next, you can move Folders and/or Songs from one SD-Explorer window to the other. So you can move Songs from SD Card to Hard disk and vice versa.

This makes things very fast and is extremely intuitive after you have done it the first time.

Straightforward SD card merging

The Song Manager tool can Merge two backups (sdb-files) into one. The Selective Merging of KN-SD-Explorer is much more flexible and powerful than the Technics Song Manager.

Import and export Songs and Folders

You can also copy songs from Windows Explorer into KN-SD-Explorer and vice versa. This is called importing and exporting and is very convenient. For example a fast way to import songs from internet, like the Technics KN7000 site, is as follows:

  1. On the Technics KN7000 site each Song (Style) is compressed to a zip file. Open the file instead of downloading it.
  2. Now the contents of the zip-file is shown in the WinZip tool (or any other software, such as Winrar).
  3. Select the song files within the zipfile window and drag them to a folder in KN-SD-Explorer.
  4. The song is now imported and can be managed accordingly.

Over broadband, you can download and import 20 songs on the SD Card in a few minutes. This is much faster than downloading, unzipping, copying to floppy disk and then loading them on the keyboard.

Sort, search and find Songs

You can sort songs in a folder and folder in the tree, just like in Windows.

In the 'find' field, you can enter part of a song name and some song data. SD-Explore will find any Songs (Styles) that match on the SD Card.

Print and Save your Song list

From SD-Explorer you can export an index of your folder and song structure in either .txt or .rtf format, to be saved or printed.