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Software for Technics Keyboards: KN7000 & KN2600





How to Install KN-SDExplorer.

First, Download the Software

If you haven't done so already, download the software. The zip file that you download contains these instructions, so you can print them out if you prefer.

FREE Demo - Click Here to Download

Next, we'll install the software. This is a FREE Demo that has only one limitation, that is, you can move or copy one Song at a time.

When you buy a full license you won't need to re-install. You'll activate the license and then you will be able to move or copy many Songs at the same time.

So, we're giving you this time-saving software for FREE. You can try it out and use it for as long as you like.

When you decide to access the full version just buy a license and then you can manage many Songs in a few seconds. You'll also be supporting us to develop new features in the next version.

Installing KN-SDExplorer

First, find out what drive letter your SD-Card reader uses:

  • As soon as you plug the SD-Card reader in, you will see a directory named "Removable disk".
  • If your reader has multi-card slots, find the drive letter for the SD Cards.
  • Remember the drive letter.

Double-click SDExplorer.msi.


Press "Next".


Change the default drive letter from "E:" to the correct drive letter (the letter you remembered earlier). For example, it might be "F:"

Then press Next.


Now you can click Next again, or change the location where the tool will be installed.

You can also determine whether to install for your own use ("Just me"), or for “All Users” of the computer.


Press "Next" again and the program will install.

It takes a matter of seconds or maybe a minute.