Software for Technics Keyboards: KN7000 & KN2600



Starting KN-SDExplorer

KN-SDExplorer: How to start the program.

Starting KN-SDExplorer

After installing KN-SDExplorer it becomes integrated in the behaviour of USB removable disks (USB sticks, hard disk, SD-Cardreaders, etc.).


So, if your card reader is connected to the PC and you insert an SD-Card into the reader, the usual pop-up dialog box comes up asking you what to do with the SD-Card.

Exploring it with KN7000 SDExplorer is added as option and set to default when it is recognized as a Technics Keyboard SD Card containing Technics Songs.


The KN-SDExplorer tool can also be started from the Windows Start menu.

Also, a desktop shortcut is created to start the tool.


When you click with the right mouse button on one of the directories KN7000, TECHNICS, PRIVATE or SD-Card1 (my example) you get the menu as shown below.