Software for Technics Keyboards: KN7000 & KN2600



Windows 8.1

KN-SDExplorer: How to use the program in Windows 8.1

Differences with KN-SDExplorer in Windows 8.1

All of the program features are available in Windows 8.1 but there are some differences in operation when compared with other versions of Windows. These will be addressed in a future release.

The program has not been tested with Windows 8 because most Win 8 users were able to upgrade to Windows 8.1 free of charge. If you use Windows 8 please let us know of any issues in the comments below.

In Windows 8.1 Microsoft has changed the file management program from Windows Explorer to Windows File Manager. This is the cause of most of the differences.

The Main Differences

Problem: When you insert an SD Card, the KN-SD-Explorer program does not run automatically.

Solution: You need to run the program by double-clicking the icon on your desktop.

Problem: KN-SDExplorer doesn't run when you double-click the icon.

Solution: You must have an SD Card in the reader before you double-click the icon.

Problem: You can not drag and drop files from Windows File Manager to KN-SDExplorer.

Solution: Select the files you want to copy in File Manager. Right-click on them and choose 'Copy' on the context menu. Now go to KN-SDExplorer and navigate to the folder of your choice. Right-click in the folder and select Paste from the menu.

You can use the same procedure to Copy and Paste folders.

Problem: When you right-click a folder in the SD Card file structure (or a Technics file structure on your PC) an appropriate KN-SDExplorer context menu doesn't appear.

Solution: This is the most major difference, so the procedure is quite different to other versions of Windows.

  1. Create an SDB Backup file on your PC. You can do this by backing up one of your SD Cards.
  2. In order to work with a Technics keyboard file structure on your PC you will need to right-click on this Backup file.
  3. Select "RESTORE KN7000 SD Card" (the top item on the context menu) and choose a folder on your PC. KN-SDExplorer will restore your Backup into this folder, creating a Technics SD file structure. 
  4. Any contents of the directory you choose will be overwritten, so ensure that you choose an appropriate folder, or make a new one.
  5. You can now work with this folder structure on your PC. This is MUCH quicker than working directly on the SD Card. It has the added benefit that any errors you make will not affect your SD Card.
  6. When you have finished working with the Songs, Make a Backup of them on your PC.
  7. The final step is to restore the Backup to an SD Card so that you can use it in your keyboard.