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Software for Technics Keyboards: KN7000 & KN2600




ADVANCED: Major Revisions

KN-SDExplorer Tutorial: An example of a major revision of three SD cards.

Working with your Technics KN7000 and KN2600 SD Cards

As it can be quite time consuming to restore three full cards, you may wish to select one small SD card that you have and restore it three times to the different folders, just to try out this exercise.

I worked on one 8Mb SD disk with about 5 folders.

Lets assume that you need to make a major revision or clean up of several SD cards and you wish to finish up with an amalgamated one or two.

For this exercise we will use three SD cards e.g SD1, SD2 and SD3 You wish to selectively move, copy, delete files etc., and then you wish to produce a new card with the finished selections.


Create 3 separate folders on your desktop naming them for e.g. SD1, SD2, SD3.


Move to the folder that contains the BACKUP (sdb)file that you wish to Restore. (THIS IS NOT THE NEW FOLDER SD1 that you have created).

In this example the main folder is called SD ALL and my previously backup file is called 8MB Test Card.

Right mouse click on this sdb-file.


Select "Restore KN7000 SD Card...".

The Browse for Folder dialog opens (see below).

Select the Desktop, and SD1 and select OK


Selecting 8MB test card and OK gives you the screen below, showing the contents of the 8MB test.


Repeat these steps to restore a second and third previously created backup to folders SD2 and SD3.

Your desktop now should look similar to below.

In this instance I have restored the same file three times to SD1, SD2 and SD3. You would almost certainly be restoring three completely different files.

You are now ready to move/copy from one SD folder to another and so on.


This may take some time to do but you will find that if you are doing a major revision of cards that you will be able to manipulate your data much more quickly in Windows than working directly with USB drives or SD Reader/Writers.

Move, Copy, Delete, Rename and so on, from one KN-SDExplorer folder to another.

At any time during the time you are working on the folders on the PC you can file the index of each card folder and then read on the screen, or print out, to see in detail, folder by folder, what you have done so far.

When all the changes are done to your satisfaction, use BACKUP and RESTORE to your new SD Card and you are then ready to read this on your KN7000 or KN2600.