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Software for Technics Keyboards: KN7000 & KN2600





An overview of what the software does and how you will use it.

KN-SDExplorer: About Using the Software

KN-SD-Explorer behaves very much like Windows explorer. The main difference is that in KN-SD-Explorer the Songs and Folders are managed automatically for you.

The difference between a song in KN-SD-Explorer and a file in Windows Explorer is that songs have a number. Therefore, we have two ways of removing a song in a folder: Erase (song position is cleared) and Delete (like file delete: The Song AND its song position are deleted).

The application is interfaced/integrated in Windows Explorer: Right mouse button click (RMC) on any directory of a Technics tree (PRIVATE\TECHNICS\KN7000…) opens KN-SD-Explorer in the same way as starting Explorer via RMC on the Windows Start button.

There is also an option to backup the song tree to an SDB file. The same RMC action on a backup (sdb) file enables you to restore that backup to SD Card, hard disk, USB stick, whatever.

The backup and restore functionality is the same as in Technics Songmanager. However, the Merge function is not present in KN-SD-Explorer, because a much better functionality is in the tool: selective merging.

Comparing the Demo version with the Full Software

The Demo version deals with one Song at a time. It saves you a lot of time compared with the Technics Songmanager.

The Full Software deals with multiple Songs, so it can save you a lot more time!